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Dec 01, 2016

Casino Night

After the Thanksgiving break, students will come back to SouthGate just in time our Casino Night. The event will take place Wednesday, November 30th in the ballroom. At this event, professional card dealers will come to the ballroom where the students will be able to play all night and win...

Nov 01, 2016

Casino Night Coming Soon!

Two weeks ago, SouthGate threw the best social yet! Cowboy Boots and Bathing Suits was a grand success amongst the students in the dorm. All the students enjoyed the mechanical bull and the food provided by our lovely dining hall staff. We hope to have the same turn out in the socials to come...

Oct 01, 2016

What’s Happening at SouthGate

Kicking off October was the Slide into Freshmen year social. The students were able to appreciate a lovely Friday outside while riding water slides and enjoying some barbecue with other residents. That also started Parents’ Weekend here in Florida State. This weekend is the perfect time for...