Southgate is a Living-Learning Environment, made especially for students!

SouthGate is FSU’s most well known freshman experience, immersing students in all the traditions of Florida State, right on Sorority Row and across from FSU’s historic east side residence halls. At SouthGate students get the best of Florida State’s campus environment and develop friendships they will take with them for the rest of their college career.
SouthGate is also the first choice for the TCC to FSU program, giving students the opportunity to experience all the traditions of Florida State while they prepare at TCC to become a Seminole!

Roommates are essential to the freshman experience. SouthGate’s legendary social environment is based on a one-of-a-kind roommate matching program. Through using Facebook, the world’s largest social network, our students have the opportunity to meet and choose someone who fits them best. With our Facebook system and with a roommate they love, all our students arrive more comfortable, excited, and ready to get involved at FSU! SouthGate freshman can all choose their own roommates and can even request to live near their friends from high school!
SouthGate is defined by a great social atmosphere, academic achievement, and a successful transition into the college environment. Its where students can meet new friends and get involved in everything from FSU intramural sports, to campus life, and learning all the traditions of the Garnet and Gold! The friendships and experiences our students take away will be with them at Florida State for the rest of their college career.

SouthGate has a team of FHP and Tallahassee Police Officers that have been helping our students for over 10 years. They are here seven nights a week to give you peace of mind while your student is away from home. Dads and moms can feel comfortable at move in, and get a chance to speak to the officers that will be taking care of their students throughout the year.

If you’re working with financial aid, we have a deferment plan for your loans, grants, or scholarships. Parents and students can pay for their room and board with financial aid, they can pay in advance by July 1 and save $300.00, or pay in installments to stretch their payments out over 10 months.

Parking is available in our private garage so that you can avoid the hectic parking scenes of Tallahassee and FSU. At SouthGate students don’t have to worry about finding a spot, they have their own assigned space right next to the dorm. Our garage is priced at $450.00 per semester.

SouthGate’s meal plan package allows students the freedom to get what they need on their schedule. Whether it’s some fruit before class, a snack, or a meal, enjoy our home-cooked entrees, endless made-to-order selections, an always healthy 25-item salad bar, and the popular slushy and ice cream treats. You can’t beat having all this right downstairs right where you live!

A meal plan in a dorm atmosphere is ideal for all freshman students. As part of the freshman program, SouthGate strongly encourages unlimited meal plans. We believe all the kids have a better opportunity to hang out with friends, meet more people, and get more involved when they have unlimited access to the social center of SouthGate; the dining hall!
We support this package through making the savings between unlimited meals and 14 meals per week only $100.00 per semester.
Try not to think just about food when choosing a meal plan at SouthGate, the social experience our students develop during their freshman year is much more important.

Our flexible payment options include the advanced plan with the discount price mentioned above, the semester payment option, allowing you to use loans, grants, or scholarships (most common), or the installment payment plan breaking everything down with your monthly bills.
Please do not hesitate to call or email us to go over everything and ask any questions you may have. When you do decide to join us and want to secure a space for 2014, you can make your commitment and secure your space in the dorm by calling the office and speaking with the Director of Residence Life, Mike DeFeudis! You will receive an additional email orientation package with all you need to be accepted and guarantee that you’re in at SouthGate in 2014!

SouthGate Campus Centre was the most sought out place for freshman students to live in Tallahassee from 2009-2013!

Experience the Best of Florida State, Don’t miss out, come join the tradition and live the legacy!