SouthGate has a team of FHP and Tallahassee Police Officers that have been helping our students for over 10 years. They are here seven nights a week to give you peace of mind while your student is away from home. Dads and moms can feel comfortable at move in, and get a chance to speak to the officers that will be taking care of their students throughout the year.

If you’re working with financial aid, we have a deferment plan for your loans, grants, or scholarships. Parents and students can pay for their room and board with financial aid, they can pay in advance by July 1 and save $300.00, or pay in installments to stretch their payments out over 10 months.

Parking is available in our private garage so that you can avoid the hectic parking scenes of Tallahassee and FSU. At SouthGate students don’t have to worry about finding a spot, they have their own assigned space right next to the dorm. Our garage is priced at $450.00 per semester.

SouthGate’s meal plan package allows students the freedom to get what they need on their schedule. Whether it’s some fruit before class, a snack, or a meal, enjoy our home-cooked entrees, endless made-to-order selections, an always healthy 25-item salad bar, and the popular slushy and ice cream treats. You can’t beat having all this right downstairs right where you live!

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