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NOW ENROLLING FOR FALL 2021! CALL US TODAY! 850 - 4215 - 4200 | Gearing Up for Freshman Year

Summer is here! This means many things, sunshine, beach days, relaxing by the pool, and spending time with family. For all those who just graduated from high school however, it means preparing for their first year of college! There is a lot to be excited about before moving up to Tallahassee but there are a few things that need to be done before the school year starts.

The first order of business is finishing Freshman Orientation. Freshman Orientation can be a fun process for many because it is their first time seeing the campus and seeing where they will be for their first year away from home. Make sure to get an early orientation date scheduled so you can figure out which classes you will be taking. A good class schedule with professors that make the class interesting is vital towards college success!

The next thing you should do while you’re up here is to come stop by SouthGate Campus Centre for a tour from one of our friendly RA’s! The Housing Office is going to be open until 8 PM for the summer so there is plenty of time to stop in and get a tour. 

Lastly, keep an eye out for our move-in pack! The move-in pack is going to have all the information on what to bring for move in, move in dates, and best times for families to move in! In the move-in pack, we also briefly cover some of what SouthGate has to offer to provide our residents with the best freshman experience possible.