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NOW ENROLLING FOR FALL 2019! CALL US TODAY! 850 - 4215 - 4200 | It's Tour Season!
As we move into April SouthGate is getting plenty of interested parents and prospective residents strolling through our doors for a tour. Here are some friendly tips and reminders for parents coming in for their first tour:

1. There is no appointment required, come right into the front office any day between 10 AM – 4:30 PM and one of our friendly RAs would be happy to give you a tour!

2. Don’t be shy, feel free to talk to the RA giving your tour! They love hearing about your interests, where you’re from, what your major is, and other cool facts about yourself!

3. Go ahead and ask questions, that’s what the tour is for anyway isn’t it? Our RAs are trained to answer any questions to the best of their knowledge so feel free to ask away!

4. Enjoy yourself! Our tours are meant to be an experience, moving into your Freshman dorm is a monumental moment in your life so don’t take your first visit for granted!